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At Herbalcology, we believe you and your family deserve safe, effective and expertly formulated natural solutions for health and beauty. The abundance of plants, minerals and other natural substances means there are always natural options to not only address your concerns, but also treat your body gently and therapeutically.

The beauty of Asian medical herbalism lies in its resourcefulness, gentle approach and direct connection to nature. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese
Medicine (TCM) can produce remarkable therapeutic results using such common substances as cinnamon, ginger, pepper, tumeric and rose petals. Many other plant roots, rhizomes and other substances constitute a materia medica capable of not only making you feel good, but also addressing a wide variety of health issues. When your care is in a licensed practitioner's hands, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine are extremely safe therapies.

Your comfort and safety are important to us at Herbalcology. You're welcome to read our labels, but rest assured of our commitment to the purest natural ingredients. Our products contain no artificial coloring, parabens, synthetic ingredients, sulfates or other harmful chemicals or additives.

Traditional healing systems such Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda specialize in harnessing the wisdom of nature for health and wellness. These systems can be as complex as they are powerful. We offer our expertise so you and your family can benefit from thousands of years of herbal practice, research and clinical success.
Herbalcology represents the culmination of a life-long fascination of herbal remedies combined with years of study and practice. Founder Janet Lee, L.Ac., licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, began pursuing her passion for herbal remedies with a Rotary scholarship to Pune, India.
There she studied a broad range of natural therapies, such as Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and yoga. While studying Ayurveda with a renowned practitioner, Janet performed and experienced treatments such as shiro dhara and abhyanga. She learned how to combine herbs to make natural products such as facial masks, body scrubs and hair tonics.

After moving to New York City and completing training as an esthetician, Janet put these skills to use at Pratima Ayurvedic Skin Care. Ultimately, Janet completed a Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, followed by an externship in China at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Janet's practice as a Chinese medical practitioner involves acupuncture, internal and external herbal remedies and Eastern nutrition, along with postural, exercise and yoga therapy. She also incorporates the use of essential oils, Ayurvedic therapies and nutritional supplementation. Read more about Heritage Acupuncture here: www.heritageacupuncture.com.

Through Herbalcology, your family can benefit from millennia of herbal traditions for a home care regime that is safe, natural and profoundly therapeutic.


Inspire Herbal Chest Balm

"Usually I will get an infection every three weeks or so and a deep cough ... Your invention has become a daily routine. I have yet to get another infection. I am using your "magic solution" two months now, and I love it!" Sylvie P.

"I have suffered from asthma for several years. I used inhalers, but never got lasting relief. After using this chest balm, I was no longer reliant on inhalers and felt my lungs were much healthier." Jacob Y.

"I love the experience of putting the balm on my chest. I also massage it onto tired, painful feet. Makes me breathe better and walk better, too!" Sally C.

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